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Why Do Pet Owners Live Longer Than Those Without A Dog Or A Cat?


When it comes to stress and anxiety and even stress management, it has often been said that those who are pet owners benefit from the ownership of their pets. It’s been said that pet owners live longer, because of their pets. Can this aid health and safety at work? Possibly. There are several reasons for this. Pets simply make people feel happier. Pets give people focus. Particularly when people live by themselves, they have nothing to do but to focus on their problems. But when they own a pet, they have another life to care about. It makes people feel good to have a warm, loveable animal to depend upon them for food, warmth, shelter and love. If you come home from work and focus on your pet then you have a big stress relieving lift that can increase workplace wellbeing.

Can owning a pet help with workplace stress and anxiety symptoms?

The people who feel the love and the joy of their pets contribute to workplace wellbeing. This is because their pets are a form of stress management. These employees can look forward to the care of their pets when they go home from work. Many people perform their workouts with their pets. It’s very common for people to go walking and jogging with their pets. Indeed, the pets give them the motivation to exercise. Exercise in turn adds to healthy stress management, which creates workplace wellbeing.  Pet are also great for those employees who are prone to chronic illnesses. There are specific reasons why those with pets, particularly those with chronic illnesses do better in life, and feel better.

Why do pets help people who may have had illnesses feel better?

 Health and safety at work

Pets help the sick and people unable to leave their homes, because pets, especially cats and dogs, care for their caretakers.  The cat and the dog will nurture their caretakers as much as the caretaker will care for them. These animals are very sensitive to when their caretakers are sick. They give their sympathy and love to humans in their own way. They will snuggle up with humans in bed. They will give their human caretakers concerned looks, and licks on the cheeks. They will bark or meow for help if they think that their human caretaker is in danger. Therefore, the person who has a pet will feel loved, and safe. They know that if something were to happen to them, their pet will do whatever they could to get help for them.

Beyond this, when a person is feeling sick, they feel weak and discouraged. People always need to feel comfort and love when they are sick, or when they are suffering from a chronic illness. Their pets will give them strength, encouragement, and love. In this way, they will experience stress management that will enable them to promote workplace wellbeing.

What are the main stress issues?


Health and safety at workWhen a person is stressed out, particularly at work, there maybe a variety of reasons. A person can be stressed out by factors professionally, and personally. They might feel that they need to prove themselves at work. They might be working towards a promotion, or towards some other professional goal.  They might have to compete with others at work. Or, their co-workers or employers might be making their professional lives hard to deal with.


Of course, there are a plethora of issues that can prove to be stressful.  A person can be struggling with financial issues. They might be struggling with relationship issues, or they might be lonely and scared. Whatever the issues are, caring for a pet can make a lot of people feel better, with regards to stress management. They can go on long walks with the pet, and think things through. Even if the pet is small, such as a hamster or a bunny, many people love the sensation of holding the warm body in their hands, and close to their body. It relaxes them. Of course, a relaxed person will be more likely to promote workplace wellbeing.


Why can looking after animals  lead to being better at your job?


Looking after animals is a huge responsibility. So, it only stands to reason that if a person can manage the care and the welfare of a pet, theyhealth and safety at work can be trusted with being detailed in their jobs, or they can be trusted with supervising others. Pet owners are more sensitive to the needs of others, and to detail, because these skill sets are require to take care of a pet. Not only this, but a person can do better at their jobs, because of the stress management benefits that come with taking care of a pet.

So, as one can see, there are several benefits in taking care of a pet, with regards to stress management, and with regards to workplace wellbeing. Animals require care, concern, and detail. They also give so much unconditional love and concern. This makes pet owners so much more able to be better workers. They produce better, and they are better to work for, and to work with.



Is Stress Part of Your Life?

Symptoms associated with stress vary and may include one or more of the following: anxiety, stomach ache, mental exhaustion, disturbed sleep. The stress and anxiety symptoms can get worse when you arrive into work. Many will be familiar with the ‘deadlines’, ‘a meeting with the manager’, and a dreaded encounter with the unpleasant colleague across the room.

How Can You Combat Stress in Your Life?

Most agree that a work/ life balance is essential in order to safeguard your welfare against the affects of burn out at work. You can do this by making changes in the areas of your personal and professional life by following these 5 simple stress management techniques:


Self Awareness: Become accustomed to what triggers your stress at work because being conscious to what is going on for you will give you knowledge and then you are more likely to know how to deal with it appropriately.


Self care: What things do you need to put in place to affectively relieve you of stress? These can include holistic therapy, counseling, exercise, interpersonal skills training; which ever you choose will be important to you and will fit into your life style and work issues. There is no one thing that works for everyone.


Celebration of your role as a worker: This is often the most neglected area of stress relieving techniques but is vital in giving workers a sense of wellbeing. Workers in some professions may be seen in a negative light, some workers may be envied but we all should celebrate our successes and feel fulfilled by what we do. For some this is a struggle.


Create Goals in your life that inspire you: Objectives which help you to have an enriched life at work not one full of stresses only, most workers are led by what they think they should achieve in desperation and would benefit from guidance in how to re-evaluate their career goals.


Build in a Reward system: this creates an empowering and dynamic way of keeping the resources you are building into your life on track and is not depend on other to make you feel good about yourself.

The balancing of modern high technological working and living and taking care of ourselves by using stress management techniques is crucial


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