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WorkPlace Wellbeing News

Wellbeing information for workplace wellbeing

The concept of receiving workplace wellbeing for employees is grabbing great attention from employers on a global basis. Every day we see news information about workplace wellbeing and it is great news for all workers who want to make sure that work enriches their lives not destroy their wellbeing. Some more interesting information over the last few days have included headlines such as “Profit and Loss of employee wellbeing”. This a play on P&L, a business or accounting term meaning profit and loss usually associated to the financial profit and loss of a company which most employers have been more interested in not. This is based on research gathered by London South bank University, (incidentally a university just up the road from where I live in London). ¬†You can read the full article here



Another interesting article of news is that there is an obesity crisis hitting workers all over the world and especially in the UK where people find it difficult to walk up the stairs. A poll started buy the Chartered Society Physiotherapy is indicating that workers who live in the South East of England are unfit and should have a “workout in the workplace”. Sounds good to me!



And in the USA Dr Abroms has launched an innovative complimentary smoking cessation programme available by using modern technology like phones and online technology, her new programme includes 300 texts messages to keep people on track so that they can quit more successfully. The cessation program is available to employers, health plans and government agencies, I wish I had had that when I tried to stop smoking, but work seemed to drive me to smoke, now it would seem work can support people to cease. All really great for workers.



And finally a report about the importance o healthy eyes are being drawn to the attention of workers to indicate that it is not just issues of sight that regular eye checks but also the detection of early health issues such as glaucoma, high blood pressure and other issues. If your workplace offer sight tests ensure you take them up as this will support your workplace wellbeing.