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Anti-aging, or life extension, is a growing interdisciplinary endeavor that is boldly attempting to discover the mythical fountain of youth. Essentially, anti aging is the attempt to reverse the aging process, and extend both the quality of life as well as the number of years in which we enjoy that quality.

All of us at some point will face the realities of growing old. What is new is that aging is now being treated as a treatable, medical condition rather than simply part of life. To that end, a number of promising anti-aging treatments options have become well known and popular in recent years, to include the strategic use of nutritional advancements, hormone treatments, and other as yet untested and theoretical approaches.

Anti-aging Treatments

Some of the more radical biotech proposals by the life-extensionists include such things as the regeneration of tissue using stem cells, growing cloned organs to replace failing ones, and molecular level cellular repair using nano-technology. The Longevists, as they are known, believe that eventually, by using such methods, the human lifespan will be able to be extended indefinitely. The basic premise holds that the maximum current human lifespan could be dramatically extended by a combination of reduced cellular level damage and the regular replacement of aging tissue and organs


In addition to the above theoretical methods, there are a number of different hormone therapies now being offered by anti aging clinics. It must be noted, however, that the effectiveness of these treatments has not been proven, and in fact have been roundly critiqued by the American Medical Association. Growth hormone, for example, is commonly given in these treatments. While the side effects, such as abdominal growth and jaw widening are proven, any alleged health benefits are still quite speculative, even at the animal testing level. Some studies have even shown that growth hormone will shorten maximum lifespan in mice.


While there is a great deal of debate over many of the methods being proposed, there is solid evidence backing the more traditional approaches to anti aging that are more geared towards common-sense health and lifestyle choices than waiting for the miracles of science to create a race of immortals. Not only can the following approaches increase your likely lifespan; they are good for you!


Today, it is widely acknowledged by the fields of both science and medicine that a dramatic extension of expected lifespan can be achieved by almost anyone, provided that one puts into practice a regular exercise program, a healthy diet incorporating the latest nutritional understandings, and avoidance of bad lifestyle choices, such as smoking, excessive drinking, over eating and other bad habits.


One of the key contributors to the aging process is damage at the cellular level. Over time this process causes cell death, tissue damage and organ deterioration, all of which accelerate the aging process. Anti aging proponents note that the human lifespan generally maxes out at 120 years – yet most of us will die much younger than that. How can we live out healthy lives to the full genetic potential of 120 years?


One of the keys to anti aging is reducing this process of cellular level damage. A simple method to do so is to embrace good nutritional strategies that include a diet rich in enzymes and antioxidants, which fight the damage to the cells, organs and tissues caused by a life time of exposure to free radicals. In today’s toxin rich environment, where we are exposed to all kinds of chemical agents (even in the processed and junk foods so many of us buy), this is especially important.

Anti-aging Products

There are a number of effective  supplements included in anti-aging products that serve as antioxidants, to include vitamin C and coenzyme Q10. But the most effective strategy is to modify your diet to include a great deal of raw fruits and vegetables. The enzymes and antioxidants present in many fruits and vegetables will serve to fight the damage being caused to your body over time by the environment. Many other nutritional benefits will present themselves as well, but keep in mind that the best results will come from fruits and vegetables that are raw Рcooking destroys the antioxidant enzymes.


In addition to the nutritional strategies outlined above, experts also are unanimous in the conclusion that regular exercise will add years to your life – but the sooner you start, the better. The health benefits are obvious and apparent – a healthier weight, low blood pressure, a strong immune system, better sleep. What is perhaps not so obvious is that by being proactive in remaining or becoming physically strong and healthy, you prevent a number of illnesses and conditions from even occurring, or at least, postpone their appearance by a great many years.


Stress and Anxiety Symptoms

Getting sufficient deep sleep and ensuring you take care of stress and anxiety symptoms is also an effective, yet underutilized strategy to induce anti aging factors in the human body. When we don’t get sufficient rest, a number of corrosive hormones can build up in the body, to include cortizol. Elevated cortizol levels have been shown to promote retention of stomach fat, joint damage, and other health problems. Too, getting good sleep will improve the functioning of the immune system, empowering the human body to ward off disease and other ailments. Finally, the well-rested mind is a well-adjusted mind; one’s mental health and functioning can only perform at peak capacity when well rested – and it is well known that having good mental balance is associated with physical health as well.


While the anti aging discipline is growing into a full-fledged movement of ‘Longevitists’, the science for some of the more advanced proposals involving tissue replacement, molecular level repair, organ cloning, and other futuristic methods is still in its infancy. Rather than wait and hope that you’ll be able to clone your own replacement body parts on demand, why not begin now practicing known and proven methods for anti aging? Not only are these anti-aging treatments and methods low in cost, they will improve your current life, as well as extend your future life. Good rest, knowledgeable nutrition, and regular, low key exercise will go a long ways in both improving life in the here and now as well as in your golden years.

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