Bad Habits: Stop Smoking

Smoking Cessation

There is no doubt that smoking has dangers associated with it. You know it leads to cancer and an increased risk of heart disease and it can be contributed to deaths across the globe. But the process of quitting can feel like you are dying. No one is going to tell you that quitting smoking is going to be easy, but there is a process that you can do that will help you to start reducing your risk and get you to stop smoking over the course of time.


During the smoking cessation process, you are going to find that the hardest part will begin with cutting back. Because cold turkey is never the way to go, you will want to reduce the number of cigarettes that you smoke over the course of a single day. That means you take a look at how often you are smoking and determine if there is a simple way to reduce them. For example, if you smoke three cigarettes before you get out of bed, try to reduce it to two.  You can then slowly reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke during the day by a single one every day until you reach a minimal number that will help you to reduce the overall number you smoke.


Another good measure can be to limit the windows where you may smoke. When you get up you can try to not smoke until 10 in the morning or wait until after you have had breakfast to get your first cigarette in for the day. As you continue to push out the timeframe, you are going to find that you can go longer periods in between each cigarette and potentially quit smoking in the process. If long periods are tough for you to master, then you can focus on smaller goals as well. If you can withstand a 10 minute window when you crave a cigarette, it is possible for you to work past the urge and get back to doing what you were doing before.

There are some fatal flaws people do in this process that will never work. The reason why these are being brought up is so that you understand that trying these measures will likely result in failure and you should focus on some better and more proven methods to work.


The most obvious is going cold turkey. While some people have had success with this method, the majority of people who have tried it have gone right back to smoking. Another myth that doesn’t work is going directly to the patch and the pills. While these items will work, it is important that you understand they work closer to the end of the quitting process. Your first goal needs to be to cut back your cigarettes to make this work.


Setting up a quitting date tend to be a two edged sword. If you want to quit, do it right away. A date in mind will result in an increase in stress and this will have you smoking more as you dread that day coming. Instead, mark the actual day you quit smoking and keep track of the days that has passed, that will help you to get the motivation to stay off of cigarettes.


Another pitfall you will face is buying packs of cigarettes to quit smoking. Because there will always be a pack to finish. As you begin to reduce the amount you smoke, cut back to buying cigarettes off of others until you are sure that you can stop. That way you will be able to work past the idea that you are wasting cigarettes.


If you want a surefire method to quit, get a group of people together and make it happen. This can be done by doing something as simple getting together to have people to talk with and start exercising when you get an urge as a group to help sidetrack your mind and begin getting physically fit at the same time. This can be an excellent way to make this happen.


Should you find the process of Smoking cessation to be too difficult, you can always check with your doctor to determine if any of the different medications available can help you to make it through this process as well. Sometime stress management techniques or a stress management course might be called for.Also do not forget supplements such as vitamins including vitamin B12 which helps repair red blood cells and nerve endings making you feel calmer.


Some people will find it helps to make a list of reasons to quit smoking as well. Think of you family, kids and your health and use them as a reason to take the steps to make this happen. No matter your reasons why, you can certain they will work.


Keep in mind that there are going to be other things you can do to help reduce your urges and work past the urge to smoke including stress relief. You will need a good support network and find ways to reduce your stress that help you avoid putting the cigarette in your mouth. Spicy teas and similar items can reduce that urge and help you to avoid putting on any weight when you are quitting the smoking process as well. Remember that there are outlets for you in this process, so be sure that you look into all your support sources and start quitting today.

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