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Presentation Tips

For most people public speaking is one of the top most feared activities. Obtaining the courage to speak in front of other people is half the battles. Watch this video with effective presentation tips.

Constance Lamb’s top 10 tips for dynamic speaking and effective communication

1. Breathe life into your presentation
Correct breathing releases tension and anxiety. To overcome nerves prior to speaking, take 3 long inhales and 3 long exhales.

2. Speak on the outward breath
To enrich the full range of the voice, speak on the outward breath rather than the held breath. You will feel more relaxed and it adds more power to your voice.

3. Think sexy!
To speak with more power and authority without sounding aggressive, think sexy! The voice becomes deeper and resonates from the chest, conveying a richer, warmer quality.

4. Think boots
To project a more powerful voice and avoid voice strain, look straight out to your audience and imagine sending your voice down to your boots. Try practising this at home with the people in your life and watch them sit up and take notice.

5. Say it like it is
Remember to write and speak in shorter sentences. It sounds more natural and helps your audience stay with you.

6. Make eye contact
Eye contact makes a powerful connection with your audience. Give a nugget of information or a phrase to each person. If you are nervous about making eye contact, look at the person’s forehead – they’ll never know the difference.

7. Invest in a gesture
Do move and use gestures, but aim for economy of movement. Try moving the arms from the elbows, rather than from the shoulders. This avoids looking like you’re flagging down a bus.

8. Wait for it!
Pause more. Pause in between each phrase. Allow your audience time to assimilate your message. Remember it’s the first time they might be hearing your talk.

9. Use more visual imagery
People always remember powerful images. Paint a picture through words. Use an analogy – then complex concepts or technical material comes ‘alive’.

10. Practice, practice, practice!
It really does make a difference. Practice your talk out loud to yourself and then to a colleague. This gives you a sense of pace. In all walks of life, good communication skills are essential.