Dealing with Insomnia

Insomnia Cure & WorkPlace Wellbeing


Do you know why you’re currently dealing with insomnia? Have you truly been diagnosed with insomnia or is there another underlying issue? It’s important to consider everything before you try to find a solution. Otherwise you could be searching for answers for years and still dealing with a lack of sleep.


It’s important to understand how important sleep is to our bodies. This is our body’s recover period, even after a non-eventful day. Without sleep you are putting your health at risk, which could turn into severe issues, short and long term.


If you schedule an appointment with the doctor you could end up with a prescription pill to help you sleep. Even though this can help inĀ  the beginning, the side effects and long term dangers aren’t worth it. This is why a lot of individuals dealing with insomnia are switching to a more natural approach. Here are a few of them that can make a huge difference:

Eat lighter during dinner


This is one area that can solve the insomnia problem for a lot of people. When you eat pizza, fast food, or any other “heavy” food it can create issues for the digestive system. When this occurs your body reacts by keeping you up. Try those old traditional suggestions like drinking a glass of milk before bed (if medically applicable).


We also recommend trying to eat foods that will burn faster like carbohydrates. Oh, and avoid the Reese’s Cups, Snickers, and ice cream. These are only going to make things worse.

Relieve Stress before bed


If you feel tense, just had an argument with a loved one, or the workload is overbearing, find ways to relieve your stress before bed. You can do this by simply taking a walk after dinner, being more active throughout the week (exercising), or taking a nice warm bath. All of them are ways to calm the system. Things like music or reading a good book can be beneficial as well.

No Caffeine before bed


Yes, for those of you addicted to caffeine or soda need to take this precaution. In most cases, soda drinkers have a hard time sleeping, because the caffeine stimulates the brain. If you’re a coffee drinker then just have it in the morning instead of the entire day. Otherwise you’re going to struggle when it’s time for bed.


All three of these choices can help you get the rest you need. Unfortunately you might not have a problem in any of these areas. If that is the case then consider other things like; eliminating smoking, proper ventilation in the room, etc. We know you can cure insomnia if you take the time to figure out what’s going on around you and in your life and if this is about workplace wellbeing please read some of our other articles to support you with your knowledge about stress management.

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