Destressing Your Work Environment

Managing Your Workplace Stress


Stress Symptoms

The first day of the week is typically everyone’s least favorite day. That is more than true if you’re suffering from workplace stress. Your stress is not only wreaking havoc on you, but its also lowering your creativity and your output. What that means to you is that your stressors are creating situations that can actively add to the stress by causing you to be in situations where your work is less sound.


A few tips to help you to avoid the workplace stress and keep you working at peak performance are listed below. Bear in mind that not every tip will work for every person. Stress is subjective on many levels, as are the ways to combat it. Try a few and if they work for you, continue them, and if not, work on your own ways to manage the stress that comes with being in the working world.

Stress Management Techniques


** Try Not to Strive to Be Perfect In Your Work World. Sounds like a very negative way to think, but the reality is that it’s going to help you to be less critical of yourself and to achieve greater things in the long range. The person who is an absolute perfectionist is never going to be happy with their work. They will always feel there is more that they can do and should do. That person is driven by negative emotion rather than a real will to succeed and is probably suffering from low self esteem on a personal level. If you are that person, take a look at your positive accomplishments and then seek to do your best, but never to be exactly perfect. You can’t be and it will simply damage your morale and that of the coworkers around you.


** Work hard to see where what you have done really matters. In the long range, the small things that you do in your job have the ability to change the world in a big way. When Sun Microsystem employees were downsized, they were devastated in many ways, but they found a way past that feeling by relating to each other, commiserating with each other and recounting ways in which the work that they had done was changing the world of computers and the online experience for others in the field. It helped them all to feel better about what they had achieved and not to dwell on what they had lost.


**Declutter your work space and your life. Don’t take in more than you can do and remove the clutter from your desk and the area around it. IF you give yourself a clean space to work and a clean fresh start to the day, it helps. You may not realize what things hanging from the ceiling can do to you, but make friends with your trash can and find out.


** Don’t gossip about coworkers and make friends at work-This is a big one. The gossip around the water cooler about someone that you work with is a very negative aspect of work and can create stress for you. Avoiding letting the other person know that you have gossiped about them and that you’re not a real friend is difficult and can create more stress for you in the workplace. You don’ t have to like everyone who works with you, but you do owe them respect and some privacy. Grant them that and hope that they will respond in kind.


** Don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes and expect others to do the same. Everyone is going to make them. Take responsibility for what you’ve done and then be the first one to help in cleaning it up. The one thing most counterproductive in the workplace environment is trying to avoid responsibility or shift the blame for something onto another worker. It loses you respect from your co-workers and you will lose respect in yourself.

Stress Relief


Taking your own stress into your own hands is the one sure way to be certain that you begin to eliminate. You will always have some small level of stress at work. Stress can be a way to motivate yourself to accomplishing more—to moving into bigger and better things. Some stress is actually positive in nature, but some stress can demotivate us, or actually leave us inert—without any kind of forward momentum.


Keep yourself as positive as possible. Don’t talk about stress aloud, or acknowledge it in the workplace. Try to stay focused on your work and as positive about it as possible and you will quite likely find that in combination with the other factors mentioned here, your work will begin to be a source of pleasure.

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