Diabetes Warning Signs


Not everyone who has diabetes will even know it. In some cases, simple problems that you have could be the starting stages of serious problems if you choose to ignore them. For some people, diabetes can be present years before they find out there is a serious problem to be concerned about. It is with that in mind you must take a moment to understand what you need to look for and when you need to take action when you are dealing with diabetes. Remember the key to handling diabetes is to understand what it is and then getting the treatment you need to help avoid further problems that can result by ignoring the symptoms that you are experiencing. Diabetes isn’t the end of your world, especially when you choose to handle it.


Perhaps one of the most common symptoms people will first notice when they are having the onset of diabetes is an increase in the amount of liquids they need. This is because their thirst is higher than normal, which results from the buildup of glucose in the bloodstream. During this time, your kidneys are working to get rid of the excess sugar and this is results in an increase of urination during this time to help flush out some of the extra sugar by getting it out of the liquids in your tissues. While there are other reasons that can obviously be linked to this problem as well, you do need to take a moment to look over all the factors in play to determine if what you are suffering from are diabetes and not the heat outside and similar factors.


Weight loss is another factor of diabetes that will often go unnoticed. Before you are urinating more of the sugar that you are consuming, your body is reducing the amount of calories it is taking in. This in turn keeps sugars from being absorbed from your cells and you can lose weight quickly. The negative side of this is that you remain constantly hungry and as you are having serious damage occur to your kidneys during this time.

Along with that, fatigue is a very common side effect. What you are going to find that because your body is working in overtime to remove the sugars, which also bring energy, your body feels worn and broken down more often as well. It is because of that you will need to take the time to speak with your doctor if you begin noticing a combination of any of these side effects. That way, you will be able to avoid further damage from occurring to your body in this process.


When this occurs, you might also begin to experience a tingling that can occur in both your hands and feet. This can be soft and dull feeling or a severe painful burning. When this occurs, you are experiencing the effects of excessive sugar in the blood and it can result in loss of sensations in your body if left untreated as well.


Another one of the problems that people often experience is sores and frequent infections that occur in their bodies. The reason is that the sugar in your body has built up to the point where it is unable to function properly. As a result, you end up dealing with more health issues like infections. You will find that some of the most common types of infections being bladder and urinary tract infections.


During this time, blurred vision might be a problem for you as well. That is because when the sugar levels in your body from diabetes are high the fluids will be removed from any area where there is a buildup, such as the tissues of your eye. This can result in prolonged damaged to you retina if left untreated and could slowly cause blindness to occur. That is one of the reasons why regular vision checkups are also essential for those who have diabetes. Of course, there are other diseases that can give you similar results, but when combined with some of the other factors; you may want to check with your doctor to determine if you have diabetes.


Remember that your body isn’t trying to cause problems for you it is giving you information on different signs and symptoms that need to be addressed. Diabetes is a serious medical condition, but one that can be handled and controlled if you take the time to make some minor changes in your life. For some people, a simple change to their diet is all they need to do to effectively control the problem and reduce the risk factors that they have for further damage as well.


Take the time to check with your doctor if you have the warning signs for diabetes and begin working towards getting your life back under control. In no time, you are going to be feeling better and the damage to your health can become minimal if you take a fast and effective approach to ensuring that you do all you can to keep your blood glucose levels in the normal range.

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