Easy Lunches for a Low Salt Diet

There are many benefits to eating foods that do not contain high amounts of sodium. The main reason is that is helps keep your blood pressure down.

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Many people that have high blood pressure are often told by their doctors to lower the amount of salt that they intake. Lower sodium diets also help improve skeletal health and fights against osteoporosis. It also helps improve blood circulation. The blood vessels are able to dilate with much less effort in people that are eating a low sodium diet than those that re not.


Eating Lower Salt Foods

The thing that is most difficult for people to do, is figure out how to eat a low sodium diet. Meaning, what foods are low in salt, and how do they create low sodium meals. Reducing the amount of sodium that is in your diet involves a lot more than just taking the salt shaker off of the dining room table at meal time. There has to be more attention paid to the foods that are purchased and also the way that they are prepared. So many of the foods that we purchase at the grocery store are already loaded with salt. This is because salt is used as preservative to extend the life of the product. This especially a big problem with frozen foods. So to eliminate the high sodium count in the foods that you eat, the best thing to do is prepare your meals your self.

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Some great meals that you can prepare yourself for lunch that are very tasty and low in sodium are any dishes that contain fish and chicken. A chicken and fruit salad is great meal that is very low in sodium. A baked or grilled chicken breast with melon of choice, walnuts on a bed of mixed salad greens can be topped with feta cheese if you like. This refreshing, low in sodium and very simple to make. If you like seafood, Salmon with Pepita-Lime Butter is a choice that you will love. The salmon is baked and sprinkled with lime juice and chili powder to give it a spicy Mexican kick. This is simple to prepare and is served with rice and steamed vegetable. There are low sodium soups that you can prepare, such as a spinach soup with rosemary croutons or Caldo Tlalpeno, a Mexican chicken soup that is traditionally served with cheese quesadillas.


There is not much out there that is low in sodium in the way of frozen foods. If you are someone that doesn’t like to cook or is on the go, you can look into some of the Lean Cuisine products and Healthy Choice. Kashi has also created frozen entrees that are low in sodium.

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The best way to ensure that you are eating a diet that is low in sodium, is to prepare your meals yourself. Freeze your leftovers, so that you always have something that is on hand for you to eat rather quickly. Keep in mind that the healthiest things will always be foods that are low in fat and have great natural flavors. This way you do not have to add a lot of seasoning to the food to create flavor. A lot of the sodium comes directly from the seasoning that you use when preparing your meals.

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