Fast and Healthy Lunches Are Still Possible



Fast but healthy lunches have become a thing of the past. Hurry! Hurry! Everyone is in a hurry. Modern schedules include getting from one place to another as fast as possible. This includes trying to squeeze in a quick bite to eat anywhere you can find it. Anything to stave off those pesky hunger pains will do. Even if it is a candy bar and soft drink from the office machine, it seems to serve its purpose.


That doesn’t have to be the case. A good nutritional meal can be prepared amazingly quick and easy. If you are one of those on-the-go people who just cannot find the time to make a good, healthy meal, then your health may be suffering. Resorting to greasy, spur of the moment lunches may have become a life style. But it doesn’t have to continue. In addition to this cholesterol heavy menu, your pocket book could also be feeling the strain.

What you may not be aware of, is that preparation for good healthy meals, can take very little time. The benefits of making a tasty lunch the night before you go to work, will ultimately play out in benefits to your health. Think of the extra energy a quick, homemade meal will give you plus the money you can save to purchase those new slimmer clothes all because of a healthier lifestyle.


Can’t think of any fast but healthy lunches to bring to the office. Try some of the following tips to prepare. More than just sandwiches, the following possibilities will bring any taste bud ready to try something new.


Fast but healthy lunches can be prepared easily by placing healthy options in a wrap. Grilled chicken stripes, left over from the dinner meal, can be added to tomatoes, onions and your favorite salsa. Wrap it all together in a flavored tortilla wrap and in an instant, you have a well-balanced lunch at a fraction of the cost and calories of that local fast food store.


If salads are your thing, how about an Asian fast but healthy lunch from home. Packed full of fresh vitamins and minerals, this quick meal can be ready in less time than it takes to pull out of your drive. Add a package of salad greens and some shelled shrimp to your grocery list along with some tomatoes, onions and a splash of olive oil and you have become the next great cook on the block. Throw in a few kiwi or orange slices and the nutritional value goes up by extending the vitamin C.


Fast but healthy lunches can even be made for those who have a sweet tooth. Instead of that candy bar or ice cream sundae, try a healthy parfait. Unflavored yogurt is full of protein. Add to this some crushed granola bars, the healthy, low sugar ones, and some strawberries or bananas and chill the night before. This quick, sweet lunch is ready to grab as you run out the door. Not only will this treat in a jar, satisfy that sweet tooth yearning, but this vitamin packed meal can be quilt free eating. There is enough energy in this little package, to last the whole day without that sugar slump that sometimes happens after eating processed sugar.


Try one of these fast but healthy lunches soon. See if it satisfies your hunger as well as your budget. You might be pleasantly surprised.


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