Health and Safety At Work

Health and Safety

Health and safety is incredibly important and can help to ensure that all workers are protected and safe while performing their job. There are a vast number of different jobs that require an element of danger; therefore, ensuring that there are rules and guidelines in place is essential. The standards that are laid out in the Occupational Health and Safety act will apply in varying degrees depending on the workplace. Most companies undertake risk assessments and set up health and safety systems, these are in order to ensure that compliance and safety work together.


Thousands of people are killed every year whilst many more are seriously injured whilst performing their daily job. There are also an enormous number of days lost every year because of the result of accidents and injury to the employees. Slips, trips and falls are the most common accidents that occur and many of these can be avoided. With the correct health and safety procedures in place, the employees will understand what is expected of them and how to ensure that they remain safe.


By making every single employee aware of the risks and dangers that they face during the working day, they will be much more likely to avoid accidents. Understanding health and safety procedures will help to keep the risks to a minimum and ensure that the workplace becomes a safer environment. Although employers have a duty to ensure that the workplace is safe, it is unrealistic to expect them to be able to prevent every single accident.



Risk assessment is incredibly valuable and will begin to analyze where the risks are in the workplace. Occupational health and safety guidelines are in place for employers to use and guide them through the areas which they look for. There are typically key areas of all work places that pose a potential risk to employees. Once these have been identified, the employers can begin to analyze how to make them safer.



Every single individual area will need to be assessed and the risk level will need to be determined to ensure that employees understand the potential harm they face. Within the assessment, the risk will need to be broken down into several different areas. These include, who is at risk, what the risk is and how serious the risk is. As well as the permanent employees that use the area, the potential risk to visitors, trainees and casual employees has to be determined.


There are some seriously strict laws regarding health and safety and records which need to be kept. The legal requirements for all businesses are there to help your business run more smoothly and are not designed to be an issue or problem. Providing your employees with a safe and healthy environment to work will ensure that they are happier and perform their job more effectively.



By improving the safety measures within the business, there is less likely to be accidents and injuries. Maintaining the health and safety checks and assessments is essential and they have to be performed routinely. If asked to produce the paperwork and it is not completed, you can receive a large fine. You will also be placing your employees at risk and this is not smart business.



The health and safety guidelines should be on display at all times ensuring that everyone that works in the business has access to them. There should also be posters that list health and safety requirements. All employees will need to undergo training to ensure that they have read and understood what is expected of them. Even the smallest of businesses will need to perform training, and ensure that the correct Occupational health and safety is in place.



Maintaining all of the correct paperwork, training and legal requirements behind the health and safety may seem over the top. However, if you are able to save one life over the course of a year this is an impressive achievement. There will always be some accidents that are unavoidable, however, if everyone knows how to react, and what to do the injury may remain minor. Employers should listen to any concerns that the employee may raise as they are typically the people that know what is wrong in the workplace. If everyone works together, the workplace will be a far happier and safer place for everyone to work.

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