Raw Food LowDown

Alot is being said about the benefits of eating raw and stress relief.  I have gathered some information about how to start going raw for those who do not want too much complicated info!

What is eating raw?

Eating whole raw foods that have not been heated above 105-115 degrees.  This can include dairy and meat products or cut out all animal products and be vegan.  The basis of a raw diet is vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts.  It can also include sprouted grains, legumes and sprouts.

Tools you need:

Vitamix, Excalibur, food processor, coffee grinder

Ways to help stay raw:

  • Find ready to eat recipes and easy recipes to start with so you aren’t overwhelmed with mile-long recipes full of soaking and dehydrating.
  • Pick a certain time of the day or week to prep things that need soaked/sprouted
  • If you feel overwhelmed by soaking and dehydrating choose recipes that require only one of these or neither.
  • Always keep staple ingredients like cashews, bananas and dates on hand.
  • Like with any recipe it is a suggestion, so feel free to experiment and substitute. For example, pine nuts can be costly so try substituting cashews instead of letting cost or a shortage determine the menu.
  • Recognize that you will likely have cravings related to stress and try to decide ahead of time how to handle them. Accept that you may give into temptation and then feel physically yucky but get back on the horse.  Any raw is better than no raw.  Work on finding stress management techniques that you can use instead of food.
  • When trying a new recipe only make enough for one meal so you can decide whether or not you like it without wasting a lot of ingredients. Many recipes call for making a large batch so if you’re uncertain and it seems like a lot try cutting it in half and have a backup plan in case you don’t like it. Once you know you like it make whatever you can in bulk.
  • Find or start a raw food meet up in your area. It’s a great way to try different dishes without the cost or time investment.

Places to find great recipes:

  • Rawlicious.com
  • Rawfoodrecipes.com
  • Rawmazing.com
  • Also try google searches for your fave cooked foods with the word raw i.e. raw carrot cake recipe


Books for beginners, I recommend ones with lots of pictures:


A Few of My Fave Easy recipes:

BBQ Portabello Steaks http://www.rawfoodrecipes.com/recipes/raw-bbq-marinated-portabello-steak.html

Raw Carrot Cake with Frosting http://www.twobluelemons.com/2009/08/raw-carrot-cake_08.html

Goji-Apple Sunrise Granola http://www.rawfoodrecipes.com/recipes/gojiapple-sunrise-granola.html

Easy Cheesy Kale Chips http://youngonrawfood.com/recipes/#Kale

Chia Pudding http://youngonrawfood.com/recipes/#Chia

Very Decadent Dark Cacao Milkshake http://youngonrawfood.com/recipes/#Shake

Mockarita (has kombucha) http://youngonrawfood.com/recipes/#Mockarita

Banana Pancakes http://www.shadeofgreenliving.com/raw-banana-pancakes/