Smoking and Heart Disease

Disadvantages of smoking

Disadvantages of smoking

No matter how many years go by, the fact remains the same. People who smoke are at a higher risk for having heart disease and heart related issues. This is in addition to the risks for cancers and other problems as well. In fact, 20% of all deaths resulting to heart disease can be directly linked back to smoking.

With this, people will also find that there are other factors that go into the increased risk of heart disease with smoking. For example, if a person smokes a few cigarettes a day, their risk is going to be lower than a pack a day smoker. However, you are going to find that even the person who smokes a few cigarettes a day still remains at a risk for heart related problems.

But the problem continues from there. Studies have proven that people who inhale second hand smoke are at an increased risk of having heart related issues as well. On an annual basis, nonsmokers have been linked to heart disease that has occurred from second hand smoke. It is more than just a few isolated incidents as well. One study finds that 35,000 people died as the result of being in an environment where they were surrounded by smoke.

The problem here is the fact that smoking reduces the amount of oxygen that your body takes in. Over time, you are going to find that this weakens your heart and other organs as well, especially when the damaged is prolonged. This can in turn increase your heart rate as more blood is going to be needed to through your body to deliver the oxygen it needs and eventually this does damages to your arteries. Combined with all this, you are also at an increased risk of having a blot clot which can trigger a heart attack as well.

Knowing this, you are most likely wondering what you can do to help quit smoking. The fact of the matter is that the sooner you quit, you can prolong your life ad help to reduce your risk of fatal diseases. In some cases, you might even find that you have an improved appearance and levels of health that you might not have originally thought could be possible in this process as well.

Of course, quitting smoking will not begin overnight either. This is a lengthy process that you are going to need to stick to. You need to sit down and decide the date you are going to begin and stick with it. That means removing lighters, ashtrays and other items from your home if needed.

If you need to at that time, work with aids that will help you to quit smoking and reduce the scenarios that you can put yourself in at this time. As you begin to work on quitting smoking, you are going to feel better and start noticing it has a dramatic impact on your life. In fact, you are going to find that after the early stages you feel better.

To get a better idea of how this works, you need to look at how quitting is going to make you feel. The first two weeks are going to be the worst. You are going to find that you are hungry, feel worn down and that you have new levels of pain that you never felt before. The reason is the toxins are leaving you system and as a result, your body is trying to work past it and in some cases try to get you to smoke another cigarette. This is after all an addiction you are working against.

By the end of two weeks, you are going to find that these problems are reduced and you begin to feel better as well. After this period, you actually cut your risk of having heart related issues in half. That is a significant drop from the increased rate that smoking has on a person. When you combine that with the fact that if you refrain from smoking for 15 years you drop your risk to a normal, healthy adult, you are going to want to consider sticking with the quitting process and working towards that level of health you know that you can achieve in this process. You do have what it takes to quit smoking. Just remain dedicated to the process and in no time you are going to be celebrating your first year of being free from nicotine and you won’t likely want to go back.

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