Stress and Anxiety: The Body and Stress Management


When you encounter stress and anxiety symptoms in your life, no matter if it is coming from your place of employment or your day to day life, you are going to find that your body ends up reacting to it in a very similar manner, that is because your mind is in total control during stressful situations and it will affect your body in a negative manner.


For example, you are going to find that once the body begins to feel stressed, it will react by releasing hormones into your body. These include both cortisol and adrenaline and as they are introduced into the body, you are going to find that the body is releasing them to handle an emergency that occurs. When there is no escape from the problem, these items continue to build up and can become problematic.


One of the reasons is the amount of stress and anxiety that is placed on your cardiovascular system. For example, when you get hit with these stress hormones, you are going to find that there is a spike in your blood pressure, your muscles tighten and your heart rate begins to increase. Of course, the reason for this is the fact that your body is looking to keep itself protected and escape from the danger that is perceives is there. When these items are things like bills, financial issues and other aspects, your body continues to remain in stress, but there is no way for you to burn off these elements.


It is important that you understand that your body is going into a natural protective state, that while it may seem like an extreme is something it is designed to handle in occasional circumstances. When it becomes a frequent attempt by your body to handle the day to day routines that you are encountering that is when you need to address it and reduce the continued effects on your body.


From here, we should look at the prolonged effects that this will have on your life and how to deal with stress. When you are stressed on a regular basis, because of whatever reason, you are going to find that your system remains in a state of stress hormone overload. That means that your body perceives that it is in a continuous emergency situation that you need to get out of and until you take the time to turn it off, you are going to be continuously plagued by the symptoms.


Serious health problems, like heart attack and stoke are possible. Along with that, an increased aging process, higher blood pressure and weakened immune system are also experienced by those who experience continued stress and anxiety. Some studies even suggest that if you continue to ignore this problem, it is possible that you are going to have a higher risk of severe anxiety as well as depression plaguing you for your entire life.


In addition to these items you are going to also find that there are some health problems that can also be linked to this anxiety that you are experiencing:


· Digestive Issues

· Sleep Issues

· Pain in the body

· Heart Disease

· Skin Issues

· Obesity

· Autoimmune Disorders


Of course, you do need to understand that there are different levels of stress people can handle and each person will need to understand them. A person who runs with the roll with the punches philosophy will be able to handle more levels of stress, rather than the person who experiences the occasional stress and finds that it complicates their life too much. This is just a stress management technique which we build up using our own natural resources.


It is with all that in mind that you need to determine at which point you need to take a break from the things that stress you and make you anxious and begin finding solutions to your problems. In some cases, you might find that you are able to make adjustments to a few areas of life as they can help you to reduce the amount of stress you feel.
For example, your friends and family members can be a great way for you to build up the support you need to help you avoid feeling stressed. They will also allow you to avoid the feeling of isolation which can dramatically increase the amount of stress you are feeling in this process as well. If you find that you are in a stressful situation, you will then have the tools to help you reduce the overall effects of it as well.


Take the time to also look at your emotional state during this process. You might find that you have some problems that will need to be addressed and when you do, you are going to be more likely able to handle the stressors in your life.


Remember, that during this time you are going to have some problems that will come up on occasion that will still need to be handled. But when you learn new relaxation techniques to combat your stress, you are going to be able to take your life back, reduce your stress and lessen the amount of damage that you are doing to your body on a regular basis.

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