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Stress and Anxiety

Workplace Wellbeing

People under pressure at work can sometimes show signs of suffering from stress and anxiety symptoms. Such symptoms may include panic attacks, loss of concentration, palpitations even, and you should if this is a problem for you, immediately seek medical help if they arise. Health and safety at work should be a priority for you in terms of stress management.


Stress and Anxiety

Should these issues not be related to a health condition, you may be told that they are signs and symptoms of stress induced problems. Research has shown that at times, people who are suffering from stress can have worsening conditions if they do not make sure they have the right work-life balance, as the ongoing issues if left unresolved can worsen any presenting symptoms are even contribute to more arising and contribute to ill health and lack of wellbeing.


Health and Safety At Work

Health and Safety at workIt could be that your career may suffer if you cannot sort out some of these issues or that your may even lose your job because of your ability to function and contribute to the core business of your company.


Global Recession and Occupation Health

In the current climate of global recession most government regimes and corporations in the developed and developing world, are fully aware of the importance of ensuring that the stress management needs of workers are identified and dealt with efficiently if growth in terms of all stakeholders is to be achieved.

What inroads have companies made with regard to dealing with this escalating problems which could so easily affect the economic wellbeing of countries as well as the health of the nation? We have seen a large increase in the use of tools and resources to educate senior manager in companies, complimenting management training in order to embed good working practices and build healthy environments.


Stress Management Techniques

No matter what industry that workers work in, the word about stress and worker wellbeing is beginning to take hold throughout the establishments, despite changes in world economics this awakening of the needs of workers to stay well will always be seen as one that can affect a whole country.

It is as simple as offering some quick stress management tips and stress management articles in comapny newsletters, websites and emails!

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