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To each of us the term “My Workplace” can mean so many different things for even the same people who work and share an office space, a mining pit, a space shuttle, or a school. The only thing that we can say for certain about what “my workplace” means to us which maybe in common with others, who share our workplace, is a place where we work. All other descriptions of my workplace are personal to each worker.


For some of us my workplace is an art gallery, a kitchen table, a road or even a crowded sweat shop. You see the difference is that for each of us we experience life in our own workplace that cannot be defined by information put in a corporate brochure or described on a website, or dissected by research.


My workplace is unique to me and includes my memories, emotions, accomplishments, upsets, lifeline, socialising and financial rewards, the list goes on. My workplace can change overtime or even change to another work place completely and as such it cannot be defined by anyone else just me, my workplace has me in it as the common denominator even when I am not there.


How we define my workplace at any given time is important to what our own definition of workplace is. It is also important to understand the link between my workplace and wellbeing.


We could not try to offer insights into all of the issues which can be included into a unique understanding of workplace but we can look at some of the things which are known to impact on workers wellbeing in the workplace.


This is a start and with the recognition every growing about the need to support workers in the workplace, not just health and safety at work in terms of regulations to do with chemical spillages, lunch breaks and working hours but to also include workplace wellbeing issues to do with individual wellness that can only be truly understood from the unique definition of “My workplace”.


Let’s look at some interesting issues to do with workplace…..


Office romance

“I thought I told you ……never to come to my workplace” Fletch Lives


Stress management
What if you find love in the workplace and then you both break up? This is very difficult and can really be a horrific situation that can literally ruin your career and reek havoc all round. Unfortunately your workplace then doesn’t become a safe haven and you need to work out what to do next. This can be hard as the possible trauma can lead to an inability to make a decision based on anything but emotion. Ok so office romances do not always lead to difficulties.

Famous workplace romances that worked out well are:

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Barack and Michelle Obama

Bill and Melinda Gates

Depending on when you read this article then we hope that they are still together!


Bullying in the workplace

I once worked in an office where I was really badly bullied by a member of staff that I managed; her bullying of me was her trying to make out that I hated her. My experience of bullying is not the same as another person’s experience and some would say that I had the position of power so had could that be bullying. But it was because she I found her to be irrational, persistent and scary. Some people would say that workplace bullying is not an easy thing to define, I agree but a good definition is that workplace bullying is a form of aggressive behaviour which includes coercion and which doesn’t usually include (but can include) physical violence and can include strong indications of a power in-balance.

Virtual workplace

This type of workplace, the virtual workplace was not possible a few decades ago and has really been developed from the concept of virtual teams. Virtual teams are workers who come together from other teams with their unique skills in order to create a service or team that does a specific task and they are separated by time or space.  On the whole the virtual teams who do this the best often use the best modern and advanced technological systems. An example of great techie virtual assisting information goes to App Sumo

Health and Safety

Finally it is worth reminding people that in my workplace you really are the person who needs to lead on taking care of your own welfare

My Workplace

Whatever “My Workplace” means to you consider it is the place where you will spend the most amount of time in your life so you should really concentrate on how to make it the best place ever!

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