Weight Loss Exercises that Work

There is no doubt that we all want to lose weight. But some of the exercises that people come up with have little effect on our bodies. The reason is we are all different. While walking, running and the traditional pushups and sit ups do work, they are also repetitive and are easy for us to quit doing. It is because of that we will need to take a moment to look at some alternatives you have that can prove to be effective and easy to do. Best of all, you can switch around them and focus on points of your body that you think need work.

Remember that before you begin any workout routine, you will need to speak with your doctor or healthcare provider. They will help you to determine if an exercise program is going to be safe and effective for you. Since this tends to be an easier set of exercises, you shouldn’t find there is too much of a safety concern for you.

The first one you will have is a very simple exercise that helps to strengthen your core. This is the middle section of your body and a place that many people carry their weight. To begin this process, you will want to take your hips and place them at shoulder width apart. Then put your arms up in the air and raise your left knee and bring it as high as you can to your left elbow. Hold it there for a two count and then lower it. Repeat on the right side and then continue through this process for at least 15 – 20 reps per set. You can of course increase these sets as well as reps, depending on your fitness level.

For those who are looking to tone their abs and arms, a different exercise might work best. In this one, you will need a light dumbbell and a safe place to exercise. With this, you are going to have a dumbbell in both your hands and then you are going to life your right foot and place it on your left calf. When that is done you are going to lower your body and curl up your weights. Do this for 20 reps on both sides.

Your next choice will work your shoulders, arms and your abs. What you will need to do is have your dumbbells out again. Place them at your sides and lift your right knee and push out your left arm. When you have that done, you are going to lower your body and raise yourself. This will be done for about 30 reps per set and you will then switch to the other side and repeat the process.

To work a different section of your body, namely the butt, arms, abs and chest you will want to do a bench press motion. This is done by lying on your back and bending your knees with your feet on the floor. Take a weight in both of your hands and then begin to squeeze your buttocks and life your middle section of the floor. When you have this done, raise your arms and lift your weights 20 times, then lower your arms and mid section. This is a good, complete workout that will deliver fast results as well.

If you have back problems, then you will want to turn that into an area of focus for your workouts. A good starting point for that will be for you to take a chair and sit on the edge of it. When you have done this, place your hands on the side and slide forward. Then in a sitting position, you will want to lower yourself in front of the chair and raise yourself back up. Start off with 15 of these and consider increasing them if you find that you need to increase the number to get an actual workout.

During this process, you are going to find that you can also take these exercises and create new workouts using the basics of each one. It is important that you explore all the possibilities you have in this process. That way, you will be able to avoid many of the headaches that can come up in this process as well. You have plenty of options when it comes to the workout process, so focus on being as creative as possible and start working on getting rid of the extra weight that you are packing on your body in this process.

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