What to Expect When You Quit Smoking


No one will tell you that the process of smoking cessation will be easy. But when you do begin this process, you are going to find that your body begins to benefit in minutes from this process. There is so much damage that is going on in your body and you can reverse quite a bit of it by putting down that cigarette and taking a proactive approach to improving your approach.


This process begins at about the 20 minute mark. At this time, you will notice a drop in your pulse and your blood pressure will normalize. Along with this, you will also find that both your hands as well as your feet begin to return to a normal temperature.


Once 8 hours has passed, you will begin to see the next benefit. This is the amount of time it will take for you to reduce the levels of carbon monoxide in your body. With that, you will also have the benefit of normalized levels of oxygen in your blood. That in turn will help you to start feeling better enough that you can take on life.


At the 24 hour mark, you have just made the first major save on your life. This is the time when your risk of a heart attack reduces considerably. With that decrease, you should also find that you begin to breathe a bit easier as well.


On the second day, you are going to hit your first tough point from nicotine withdrawals. You are going to be irritable and short tempered during this time. But when you get through this time, your nerves will begin to heal and you will actually find that your sense of taste and smell will come back Of course, you do need to keep in mind that you are going to start feeling better when the nerves are done growing back.


If at any point this becomes unbearable, there are smoking aids that you can choose that will help you to deal with these symptoms. Generally, it is a better idea to avoid them when possible as they can cause side effects in the body that might be less than pleasing for you. However, it is up to you and your doctor to determine which approach will work the best for you.

Bad breath and improved taste will begin at the 3 day mark. During this time, you may find that foods that tasted good to you when you were smoking taste less than desirable at this time. Keep in mind that you are going to potentially put on a little weight at this point and that is only natural. Snacking is common during the smoking cessation process, so you may want to look at crushing up ice cubes and increasing your water intake during this time. This helps flush your system and can help you to feel fuller longer.


On the fourth day, the tar that has built up in your body will finally be reduced in your lungs and your throat. During this time, a detoxification process will have started and you may want to combine it with a natural detoxification program. Keep in mind that there are going to be some side effects at this time such as headache and constipation that may present themselves. If you have increased your intake of water, you are going to find these ailments have significantly reduced.


At this point, you are able to push forward and keep things on track for the remainder of the first two weeks. When day 14 hits, you are going to see a spike in your energy levels and items that once took all you had to do will become considerably easier for you to do. What you will want to keep in mind is that even though you have more energy and are able to physically do more, you still need to be cautious as you still have some risk for heart attack and stroke.


When you hit the one month mark, your immune system is going to improve. Where you may have gotten sick easier in the past, you are going to start to find that your body can handle more. This is because you are dealing with less toxin build up. At this time the risk of cancer in your body drops slightly as your health improves.


The health benefits then continue to grow over the course of the year with reductions in the risk of heart disease and cancer making huge strides every 3 months that you have quit smoking. By the end of the first year, you are going to find that you improved your health and dropped so many risk factors that you will begin to look more towards having a healthy and positive lifestyle.


Keep in mind that past the one year mark, you will continue to have phenomenal health milestones you will reach. In addition to that, you are going to find that everyone advances differently in this process in terms of health as each person is different, but these basic guidelines are accepted for most people.


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